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Cube 350 Data Sheet
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Cube 350
Standard Features Options
• 3Ø energy & power sub-meter • Standard 96x96 DIN Panel Mount • Pulse Output, MODBUS & Ethernet Comms options •Measures comprehensive range of energy and power parameters •Easy-fit auto-CT rotation •5/1Amp & mV retrofit CT input options •Voltage balance mode •Health LEDs (Voltage Indication) •Custom wall mount enclosure •Hours run •5 year warranty •CE, UL, C-Tick accredited IP Ethernet Option •Web pages show energy, power, volts, amps power factor, & digital input/output set-up •Log upto 60 parameters •Set up logging for FTP / HTTP / TFTP / SNMP for directly interfacing with energy management software & building control solutions •3 scalable Digital Pulse Inputs can measure other utilities eg gas & water etc •2 digital alarm outputs •2 pulse outputs •Individual Harmonics to the 15th, THD to the 30th over MODBUS TCP/IP standard •Comprehensive range of energy & power parameters over IP Ethernet & smaller selection on display
Pulse Output Option •kWh & kVArh over 2 Pulse Outputs •Comprehensive range of energy & power parameters on the display
MODBUS RS485 Option •2 pulse outputs •Comprehensive range of energy & power parameters over MODBUS & smaller selection on display •Individual harmonics to the 15th, THD to the 30th over MODBUS option Features
Dont let the simple looks of the Cube 350 fool you, this is a powerful, feature-rich multi-function meter. The Cube 350 has been the mainstay of some of the largest and most succesful sub-metering rollouts globally. The Cube 350’s ‘Right First time’ setup includes features like the Phase Indicator LEDs and the Auto-Rotation functionality for CTs for right first time set-up. This effort to minimize and correct any intallation issues, married to the 5 year warranty and extensive data sets available via the MODBUS & ip Ethernet communications options make this a perfect meter for sub-metering roll-outs. The Cube 350’s communication options are pulse output only, RS485 MODBUS & IP Ethernet offering TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP, FTP, TFTP, SNMP. The various TCP/IP protocols make this the ideal meter to interface directly with energy management software and building control solutions, without the need for data loggers or concentrators. The web pages on the IP Ethernet enabled Cube 350 allow the user to view important instantaneous values and access the setup pages should the need arise to change any of the parameters. Technical Specifications
Parameters on Display, MODBUS & TCP/IP Parameters over MODBUS & TCP/IP only
All Ø Sum
Volts, L-N & L-L Amps Power Factor Import kWh, kVArh kW Frequency Hours run (on load) *Export kWh, kVArh * Inductive and capacitive kVArh *Peak Volts, L-N *Peak Amps *Neutral Amps *kW, kVA & kVAr *kW, kVA & kVAr Demand *(Option) % THD Volts & Amps Individual Harmonics 2nd - 15th • • • • • • •
*Peak kW, kVA, & kVAr Demand *Average Volt & Peak *Amp, Demand & Peak • • • • • • • • • • • • •
True RMS measurement of Volts & Amps - and true Power Measurement - to the 30th Harmonic at 50Hz (>25th@60Hz)
Accreditations: CB, CE, UL, C-Tick Warranty: ND Metering 5 Year Warranty
INPUTS System: 3 Ø 3 or 4 Wire Unbalanced Load Voltage U: 480/277V Current I: 5Amp, 1 Amp or 0.333V Measurement Range: Voltage 20% to 120% Current 0.2% to 120% Frequency Range: Fundamental 45 to 65 Hz -option with comms: Harmonics THD to 30th Harmonic at 50Hz -option with comms: Individual Harmonics to 15th Auxiliary Supply: 230V 50/60Hz at 5W max 110V 50/60Hz at 5W max ACCURACY kWh: Class 1 per EN 62053-21 & BS 8431 ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5 kVArh: Class 2 per EN 62053-23 & BS 8431 kW & kVA: Class 0.25 IEC 60688 kVAr: Class 0.5 IEC 60688 Amps & Volts: Class 0.1 IEC 60688 Power Factor: ±0.2º Neutral Current: Class 0.5 IEC 60688 PULSE OUTPUTS Function: 1 pulse per unit of energy Scaling: Configurable Pulse Duration: 0.1 second default (other durations configurable) Type: N/O volt free contact. Optically isolated Contacts: 100mA ac/dc max; 70Vdc/33Vac max; 5W max. load Isolation: 3.5 kV 50Hz 1 minute Digital Inputs: IP Version - 3 additional Alarm Outputs: IP Version - x 2 GENERAL Operating: -10º to +55ºC Storage: -25ºC to + 70ºC Humidity: <75% non-condensing Environment: IP20 MECHANICAL Terminals: Rising Cage. 4mm2 (AWG) cable max Enclosure: DIN 43700 96x96 Material: Mablex® with fire protection to UL94-V-0 Self extinguishing Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 83.5mm (72mm behind panel)3.78”x3.78”x3.29” (2.83” behind panel) Weight: 250gms
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