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ND Metering Panels (MMU’s)
Northern Design can supply a range of metering panels fitted with any number of meters from our metering portfolio to exact customer specification. The metering panels can be supplied in either metal or plastic fitted with the exact amount of meters you require for any project. The metering enclosures are pre wired to include ⦁ Fitted with Panel Mount or Din Rail mount meters ⦁ CT wiring from the meters to din rail connectors ⦁ Voltage wiring from meters to fused MCB din rail connectors ⦁ Communication wiring from meters to din rail connectors ⦁ All connections clearly marked ⦁ Optional Isolation switch can be added ⦁ Pre tested before dispatch These pre-wired metering panels are designed to ensure faster, easier on-site installation. Benefits ⦁ Ready to install – No cut outs or special meter mounting needed ⦁ Save time and money on installation costs ⦁ Only one three phase voltage connection needed for all meters ⦁ No need to individually fuse each meter ⦁ Easier CT connections via din rail connectors ⦁ Voltage variation points available ⦁ Install & Power up
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