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Standard Features Rail 310
• 3 Single Phase Meters In A Single Enclosure • Standard DIN Rail Format • Available as a Retro-Fit Kit with Split CTs • Installation Aids - 'Right First Time' • Accuracy better than Class 1 • Isolation Pulse Output • RS485 MODBUS® • Designed & Made in the UK with a 5 year Warranty Rail310 3 kWh Meters in a single DIN Rail mounting. Easy to install and convenient to use. These Meters have been designed to measure accurately irrespective of the type of load, ideal for modern electronically controlled loads. The Rail 310 can be read from any angle, with the necessary simplifying reading. The programmable isolated pulse outputs provide an interface to a data collection system or BEMs. Safe to Use With fully isolated current inputs, installation safety is assured. This allows the Rail 310 to be directly connected under certain conditions and provides versatility of connection. Installation in conjunction with other instrumentation can be carried out safely without affecting accuracy and CTs can be earthed if required. (Does NOT apply to retro-fit Meters). Easy to Install The Rail 310 is fitted with large Rising Cage terminals – allowing connection to a wide range of cables from 0.25mm2 to 4.0mm2 Easy to Configure Rail 310 Meters are configured from the front panel to suit installations using Current Transformers, with decimal point and legend resolution.
Technical Specifications
INPUTS System: 3 Loads with a common neutral. Voltage: Standard: 3 x 230Vac Optional: 3 x 120Vac Current: Standard: 5A from external CTs. Optional: 1A from external CTs. Optional: 0.333V from external current sensors Measurement Range: Voltage 50% to 120% Current 0.2% to 120% Frequency Range: Fundamental 45 to 65Hz Harmonics Up to 30th harmonic at 50Hz Burden: Voltage <0.1VA per meter Current <0.1VA per meter Overload: Voltage x2 for 1 hour Current x20 for 0.5 second max DISPLAY Type: Custom, Supertwist, LCD Data Retention: 10 years min. Stores kWh & Meter set-up Format: 8 x 9mm high digits with DPs & 2.8mm legends Scaling: Direct reading. User programmable CT CT Primary programmable from 5A to 25,000A Legends: kWh, MWh etc. depending on user settings AUXILIARY SUPPLY Standard: 230V 50/60 Hz ±15% Options: 115V 50/60 Hz ±15% Load: 2VA max. Overload: x1.2 continuous ACCURACY All errors ± 1 digit kWh: Better than Class 1 per EN 62053-21 & BS 8431 kW: Better than Class 0.25 IEC 60688 Amps & Volts: Class 0.1 IEC 60688 (0.01In – 1.2In or 0.1Un – 1.2Un) PF (Modbus Only): ±0.2° (0.05In – 1.2In and 0.2Un – 1.2Un) PULSE OUTPUTS Function: 1 Pulse per unit of energy Pulse Rate: Settable between 1 & 1000 counts of kWh register Pulse On Time: 0.1 sec. default; Settable between 0.1 and 20 sec Rise & Fall Time: < 2.0ms Type: N/O Volt free contact. Optically isolated BiFET Contacts: 100mA ac/dc max., 100V ac/dc max: 0.5W Max Load Isolation: 2.5kV 50Hz 1 minute MODBUS® Serial Communications (Optional) Bus Type: RS485 2 wire + 0v. ½ Duplex, ¼ unit load Protocol: MODBUS® RTU with 16 bit CRC Baud Rate: 4800, 9600 or 19,200 User settable Address: 1 – 247 User settable Latency: Reply within 250ms max. Command Rate: New command within 5ms of previous one GENERAL Temperature: Operating -10°C to +55°C Storage: -25°C to +70°C Humidity: < 75% non-condensing Environment: IP20 MECHANICAL Terminals: Rising Cage. 4mm2 (12 AWG) cable max. Enclosure: DIN 43880, 6-Modules Wide Material: Noryl® with fire protection to UL94-V-O. Self extinguishing Dimensions: 106 x 90 x 58mm (Cut out 106 x 45mm) Weight: ~ 250 gms SAFETY Conforms to: EN 61010-1 Installation Category III
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