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Split Core & Rogowski Data Sheet
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Split Core & Rogowski CT's Features
The ND SCT series of retro-fit (split-core) current sensors are designed for fast and easy installation without the need to disconnect any loads. High precision units, they are equally suitable for Current or Power measurement - ideal for Energy Management or any form of automation and control systems. An internal precision resistor across the secondary winding of the CT provides a safe low voltage output - no more worries about open-circuiting CT secondary circuits.
Brief Specification
ELECTRICAL Nominal Input Current In SCL8 – 50: 50Amp SCL16 – 100: 100Amp Maximum Input Current Imax SCL8 – 50: 100Amp (1kA 1 Minute) SCL16 – 100: 300Amp (4kA 1 Minute) Output at In SCL8 – 50: 16.67 mA SCL16 – 100: 33.33 mA Frequency Range: 50-60 Hz Accuracy (0.1In — 1.3In): ± 1% Phase Error: 1½º ± 1º Temperature Coefficient: 60 ppm / ºC MECHANICAL Enclosure : Plastic to UL94V-0 Insulation Voltage: 300 Vrms CAT III Environment: Indoor use only, altitude < 2000m Operating Temperature: -25ºC to +70 ºC Storage Temperature: -30ºC to +90 ºC Humidity: Max 80% RH at 30ºC Non-condensing Output Connection: 1m captive cable
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