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Established in 1973, ND has a global reputation for accurate and reliable energy management sub meters and CTs with open protocol  MODBUS, M-Bus, Ethernet and Pulsed output communication options.

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ND's energy management sub-meters are installed all over the world, measuring and monitoring energy usage for private and public sector organisations of all kinds. Our customers include independent energy managers and large global systems integrators; local installers and international distributors, panel builders, electrical contractors and specifiers.

ND Metering Solutions is a leading designer and manufacturer of kWh and multifunction energy sub meters for energy management and monitoring. ND Meters measure a comprehensive range of energy and power parameters such as kWhs, kWs volts, Amps, Power Factor, Import kWh, Import kvarh, Export kWh, kVAh, induction kvarh Peak Volts, Peak Amps, Neutral Amps kVA & kvar, kW, kVA & kvar Demand, Peak kW, kVA, & kvar Demand, Average Volt & Peak, Amp Demand & Peak, frequency and Harmonics. ND Metering Solutions meters are tested and accredited for the CE mark for sale in Europe and for the UL mark for sale in the USA and Canada, and for the RCM mark for sale in Australia and New Zealand. ND Meters feature pulse, Modbus, MBus, and Ethernet communications options. All meters can be supplied with our comprehensive range of CTs from 5Amp to 3500Amp, 333mV CTs, 5Amp CTs and 1Amp CTs, ring CTs and retrofit CTs and a range of Rogowski Coil or Rope CTs.


IP Enabled Meters

If you want to view ND's Cube 400 with IP Ethernet in real time please click the button bellow, simply enter the username: admin & password: admin.

333mV CTs - Rogowski Rope CTs - 5/1Amp CTs

Safe, low voltage output. Designed for a fast and easy installation with no need to disconnect loads. Ideal for energy management or any form of automation and control systems.

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